Hi, I’m a UX/UI designer who creates digital products to enrich people’s lives with simple and engaging experiences.

My Work

Although, the most recent projects I have worked on are confidential, I roughly outlined them to give you an idea what my daily tasks and challenges look like. If you want to know more about them I’d be happy to have a chat with you.

Carl Zeiss Meditec
Project Period
01/2023 - 03/2024
UI Designer
Project Summary

The objective was to create a high-quality, framework-consistent user interface, adapting ZUi design system components and existing UI patterns to a smaller screen size for a new medical product. As part of the agile development team, I collaborated with a Zeiss UX designer and other UI designers across the DMD platform to ensure a unified UI design. The outcome included an innovative UI scaling technique meeting accessibility standards and integrating existing UI patterns and components, resulting in significant time and resource savings. Pixel-perfect UI designs were developed from various UX concepts, satisfying all stakeholders and contributing valuable insights to ongoing challenges for both UX and UI teams.

  • Supporting the UX team by exploring a diverse range of UI designs
  • High-fidelity UI design in accordance with the ZUi Design System
  • Contributing to the ZUi DMD Design System
  • Participation in workshops and usability testing sessions
  • Conducting UI testing formats
  • Exploration, development, and documentation of a specialized UI scaling method to solve given platform and project requirements and constraints
360° Kundensicht
Project Period
03/2023 - ongoing
UX/UI Designer
Web application
Project Summary

The projects aim is to redesign the customer service web application, 360° Kundensicht, focusing on improving usability, unifying stakeholder requirements, and creating a modern interface. As the UX/UI designer, I played a pivotal role in executing the entire design cycle, collaborating with both the product vision and the agile development team. Positive user feedback, such as one user mentioning "This is making my daily work so much easier” highlighted enhanced usability. Additionally, the outcome included a more efficient interface that maximizes screen space utilization.

  • Planing HCD activities and organizing meetups for design team alignment
  • Conducting contextual inquires, interviews, focus groups and surveys to identify the overarching context of use.
  • Creating information architecture, flowcharts, wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes.
  • Transferring and optimizing UX concepts into production ready UI designs
  • Developing a grid and breakpoint system specially targeted for common used device sizes in the BAMER environment.
  • Evaluating design solutions through usability inspections and tests
  • Facilitating workshops

Case Studies


GemeinStark is a educational mobile app designed to assist coaches and supervisors in sports to seamlessly integrate the concept of community spirit into their daily training routines.

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Story Hunt

Story Hunt is a mobile scavenger hunt application for families and friends. This project showcases the cliché UX bootcamp process, but with my own creative touch.

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Idee & Design

Idee & Design is a design agency focusing on graphic and product design for various consumer goods. This project covers the visual redesign and UX improvements of their website.

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Bonny's Island

Bonny’s Island is a visual development project for the story of two shipwrecked children stumbling into a treasure hunting adventure on a mysterious island.

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